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Book a ride: 877-723-2023

General Reservations Questions:

  • What types of vehicles can I reserve?

    Luxer Limo offers a wide variety of vehicles designed to accommodate single passengers, small groups of passengers, and larger passenger groups. View these various vehicle types on this Web site on the Luxer Limo Fleet and Amenities page. However, not all vehicle types can be reserved on the Internet. Typically, this refers to larger vehicles.
    Please call (877) 723-2023 if the vehicle type that you need is not available by our e-Reservations system.

  • My preferred airport is not available in the planning section.

    If your airport is not shown, then complete the location information by entering the airport name in the Location Name field. The reservations system lists the major airports served by the primary city of service that you selected. Luxer Limo also serves most smaller airports that are not listed on our website.

  • Why can I only get a “per hour” price estimate

    Based on the information entered in your reservation, the reservations system cannot determine a specific price estimate. Whenever this occurs, an hourly rate will be provided. Regardless of the estimate that you receive, the actual price that you are charged will be based on the service performed.

  • Can I book a reservation without knowing my final destination?

    Yes. You will have to let us know the approximate time when you need to be dropped off, however. If you do know some of the places where you will be going, describe them in the itinerary of the reservation and indicate that there will be multiple stops on your journey.

  • How can I find out in which International destinations Luxer Limo offers service?

    How can I book a car service for these cities? A list of our worldwide locations is provided on this Web site under Global Directories. You can book Luxer Limo transportation for any city or country using any of the above booking methods. If you are booking an International trip via the Internet, we request up to 24 hours advance notice. If you use Luxer Limo’s e-Reservation service and the city in which you are traveling is not listed, please call Luxer Limo at (877) 723-2023 to book your reservation.

  • Can I cancel or change a reservation through your Web site?

    No. Luxer Limo can only accommodate changes and cancellations made early enough in advance of the time of service, which varies for each city and vehicle type. Call (877) 723-2023 for more information.

  • Is it possible to “build” a profile so it would be faster to create an on-line reservation in the future?

    Yes. Luxer Limo’s e-Reservation service lets you quickly manage profiles for you and the people whom you book travel for. You can store the addresses of locations frequently visited, billing and contact information, and service preferences for each person who is traveling.

  • If I have an existing Luxer Limo account, can I use this account number to book on the Web site?

    Yes. Before the first time that you book for each passenger with the account you must send the passenger’s name as you have entered it, your contact information, and the account number to After you receive a response from Luxer Limo, anytime that you book, specify the account number on the page that you select the city that is nearest to the passenger’s travel. Be prepared to provide any additional information, e.g., employee number, that is required by the account administrator.

  • How can I make a reservation with Luxer Limo Global Chauffeur?

    Reservations with Luxer Limo can be made in a number of ways. You may use the secure e-Reservation Center service provided on this Web site, or call our general reservation number at (877) 723-2023.

Technical Issues:

  • 10 What if I encounter other difficulties using your Web site?

    Please contact our Help Desk at (877) 723-2023 for assistance. If you don’t reach them immediately, expect a call back within a few minutes during normal business hours. Please be prepared to explain the exact situation and circumstances you encountered when you experienced difficulty with the reservation process. Your efforts will assist our Help Desk staff in responding quickly to your request.

  • 11 Why can’t I view some of the graphics on the Web site?

    You may have trouble viewing some graphics if you are using an older browser. Our site works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x, Firefox 0.8, Opera 7.x, Mozilla 1.6, or Netscape Navigator 7.x (these are the oldest versions allowed for; newer browsers should do fine).

  • 12 The system states, ” Your session has expired due to inactivity.”

    To protect the privacy of Luxer Limo’s customers, data is deleted from the Web site after 2-3 hours of inactivity. You will need to log back in and re-enter your reservation from the beginning.

  • 13 The system states, “The credit card expiration date must be in the future and after the trip segment(s).”

    Luxer Limo requires that the credit card expiration date be in a month following the date of service. For example, a date of service of October 15, 2009 requires a credit card expiration date of 11/2009 or greater.

  • 14 Why can’t I submit my reservation request?

    Please check to make sure that you filled in all the required fields on the form. Asterisks (*) indicate required fields. These fields must be filled in completely for the form to be transmitted. If you have filled in all the required fields and are still having trouble, please call (877) 723-2023 and we can assist you with your reservation.

Business & Service Issues:

  • 15 Does Luxer Limo accept travel agent IATA numbers for reservations?

    If you are an IATA travel agent and this is the first time you are making a reservation with Luxer Limo, please email our Customer Service department at with all your pertinent agent information.

  • 16 Does Luxer Limo offer wedding services?

    Yes. Please call our 24-hour Reservations Center at (877) 723-2023.

  • 17 How can I change or modify our corporate account information?

    Please contact your Sales representative who will be happy to assist you. If you do not know who your sales representative is just e-mail us at or call (877) 723-2023 for additional information.

  • 18 What is Luxer Limo’s cancellation policy?

    To cancel a reservation, please call (877) 723-2023. Cancellations must be received at least eight hours in advance of the service pick-up time for most U.S. and Canadian locations. International reservations require at least 36 hours minimum notice. For all reservations, please check your confirmation for the specific policy, which is determined by your city of service and vehicle type.

  • 19 How can I obtain a price estimate?

    For an instant price estimate, click here or go to the e-Reservation Center portion of our website and start a reservation. Once you have registered, logged in, and completed all the planning information, you will receive an immediate estimate for your trip. If you wish to complete the reservation, follow the instructions, and you will receive an instant confirmation number indicating that your reservation has been processed.

  • 20 What is Luxer Limo’s rate structure? (garage to garage)

    Luxer Limo offers flat-rate services to or from an airport and a midtown location. Hourly rates are based on time or mileage (whichever is greater) in North America, and time plus mileage outside North America. The minimum hourly service is two hours, but varies from city to city. Costs start from the time the car leaves the garage until it returns.

  • 21 Can I get an e-mail receipt for my service?

    Yes. Please call our toll free number to obtain receipts to be sent to you via email or fax.

  • 22 How do I open an account with Luxer Limo?

    Please e-mail your account request to or use our Contact Us Web page, and a Sales Representative will contact you.

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