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Orlando Car Services



Car & Limo Services in Orlando, FL


When you’re dealing with VIPs and high-profile guests, time, safety, and comfort are of the essence.


The sprawling city of Orlando attracts more than 51 million tourists and business travelers each year. In 2009, Orlando was dubbed as the most visited city in America and the favorite destination for business conventions.


Aside from tourist attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios, the city of Orlando is also a major industrial hub. Big corporations that specialize in digital media, software design, research, and film; including over 150 multinational companies from more than 20 counties worldwide hold offices in Orlando, Florida. The city is also known as the country’s center for military training and simulation programs.


With such a demanding business district, literally hundreds of executives, corporate professionals, diplomats, top rank military personnel, and even celebrities travel to Orlando every day for business.


And when you’re dealing with VIPs and high-profile guests, time, safety, and comfort are of the essence. You can’t keep these people waiting in airports, standing in line at taxi stands, or riding in beat up vehicles. Believe it or not, the way you handle their transportation and logistics needs speak volumes about your business… and may even be the deciding factor for closing that deal.


This is when our reliable and professional Orlando car & Limo Services will come in handy!


LGC Limo Services in Orlando FL


Luxer Limo Global Chauffeur provides highly personalized, fast, convenient, and reliable travel services for business, corporate travel, and even personal tour purposes. A chauffeured service of only the top, latest model vehicle of your choice will pick up your VIP guests from the airport and take them to the destination of your choice.


Chauffeurs who will welcome guests on your behalf are highly professional, very presentable, and courteous individuals.


There may be other car & limo services in Orlando, FL, but LUXER Limo offers you what others can’t:


1. The finest on-the-go mobile office amenities to help guests and clients maximize their travel productivity while on the road.


2. The assurance of comfort and safety with the finest fleet of vehicles and highly trained chauffeurs.


3. Customized chauffeured services to fit every client’s specific detail.


To know more about Luxer Limo Services in Orlando, FL and to make a reservation, contact the following:


Customer Service dept: 877-723-2023

Reservations: 877-723-2023


Fax: 718-332-2023




Call 1-877-723-2023 for More details on our Orlando Car Services


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